What are the functions of laser scanning platform?


Imagine a world without bar codes. Supermarket checkout lines could be long as cashiers manually enter the code for each item at point-of-sale terminals. Corporate warehouses and retail employees without bar code labels to help them spend hours running around tracking incoming and outgoing products... But the laser scanning platform can quickly and easily realize data entry.激光扫描平台功能有哪些

Collection and interpretation of data

The laser scanning platform enables the information to be collected and interpreted. After decoding the barcode content using optical principles, it can be transmitted to the computer or equipment through data lines or wireless means. The laser scanning platform has been widely used in supermarkets, logistics, express delivery, libraries and other places. Now the laser scanning platform will be able to capture more accurate information.

Second, overcome scanning errors

The arrival of the two dimensional barcode has bred a new generation of laser scanning platform, formerly of one-dimensional bar code consists of black and white stripes, by laser scanning platform with the aid of the light reflection to pick up, and then to a read only able to identify the binary language of computer, can't read the higher new barcode information intensive, if there was a slight stains or barcode scanning Angle deviation can contribute to scan error, thus arises at the historic moment of laser scanning platform has solved this problem.

Read all kinds of information

The laser-scanning platform is backward compatible with ordinary one-dimensional bar codes and reads the black and white labels from a variety of surfaces, including paper, plastic, metal and even the shiny glass screens of mobile devices. In addition, the laser scanning platform can capture codes from a wider range of angles and a longer distance, and multiple barcodes can be read with a single keystroke. What's more, the laser scanning platform can read broken, stained, poorly printed or deformed bar codes and integrate the information itself without human intervention.

Now laser scanning platform has been applied in more fields, such as mobile products and components can be used in the warehouse for tracking and tracing, also can be used to choose packing goods, the supply chain and product transportation provide higher real-time visibility, improving operation visualization, in turn, increase production efficiency and customer satisfaction, so choose cost-effective laser scanning platform, and moderate price of laser scanning platform is important for businesses.

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2019/8/4 11:30
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